IIIT-Delhi to offer AI education to Naval Officers of Indian Navy

The Indraprastha Institute of Information and Technology (IIIT) Delhi has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Navy under, which the institute will be training the Naval Officers in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The officers, who are working with the navy will be allowed to pursue Masters of Technology with specialisation in AI or M.Tech AI from the institute as a regular student, however their screening process will be different.

Registrar at IIIT-Delhi, Ashok Solanki told the Indian Express¬†that the officers will be selected through a ‘mutually agreed screening process’ by the Navy and IIIT. The institute will be creating supernumerary seats for the Indian Defence personnel. As of now, upto 4 seats will be provided to the naval officers in a batch but the same can also be extended.

Moving forward, a research collaboration where the students and faculty at IIIT might help the Navy on a project could be envisaged but there is no defined plan as of now, said Solanki.

“In the line with multi-stakeholder Task Force report on the ‘Strategic implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for National Security and Defence’ and Government¬† of India/Ministry of Defense order on implementation of AI in Armed Forces, IN has been constantly pursuing Capacity Building as well as Projects in field of BDA and AI. In furtherance of these initiatives and to be enable expertise to build up in this niche area, an MoU with IIIT-Delhi has been concluded to facilitate M.Tech Programme for Naval Officers with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence,” said officer from Indian Navy.


Indraprastha Institute of Technology- Delhi is a state university established by Delhi Government. The institute is specialised in research and development and caters courses under 6 departments to be named as- Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Computational Biology, Human Centred Design, Social Science and Humanities and Mathematics.


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