IIT Delhi to increase intake by 12.5% this year for EWS category

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In order to implement the 10% quota from the new academic session for the Economically Backward Section students as issued by the Human Resource Development Ministry, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi will increase their intake by 12.5% this year for the Economically Backward Section students.

“We will increase seats by 12.5 percent this year and the remaining the next year. We are supposed to submit our financial requirements regarding this to the government, which we are in the process of doing. The communication has to go to the central JEE coordinating office too, as they need to know the exact number of seats (which will increase),” IIT-D Director V Ramgopal Rao said.

He also added that the major requirement of fund for implementing the quota is to build hostels and increase the classroom space.

“We roughly have 10,000 students and need to take in 2,500 more students. Our large hostels have a capacity of about 800 students. So we require at least three more hostels. But we don’t have space for new hostels, so we will need to demolish our 50-year-old hostels, which have about 300 seats and make larger hostels,” said Rao.


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