IIT-Hyderabad to introduce MA in Developmental Studies

IIT-Hyderabad Campus

IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Hyderabad is soon going to start M.A in Developmental Studies Program under Department of Liberal Arts. The program will commence from August this year.

About the Course

Through its interdisciplinary approach, the Developmental Studies program offers a plurality of ways in, which the discourse of ‘development’ can be adapted to the ever changing fabric of human life.

This two-year full-time program offer students a formidable challenging platform, which will enable them to be engaged with contemporary research and professional practice in India and across the globe.


  • Duration of the course: 2-years full-time
  • Eligibility: Bachelors degree from a recognized institute with minimum of 50% marks
  • Application forms: Available from 4th May-4th June, 2019
  • Entrance Examination: June 24th-25th, 2019
  • Joining date of program: 24th July, 2019
  • Online applications are accessible on this website www.iith.ac.in


M.A in Developmental Studies opens up various career orientations. The students can create an opportunity to practice in grassroot organisations, employment in national and international NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) and donor agencies & corporate sectors. It will also open doors for students interested in building their career in Civil Services or the academia.

Department of Liberal Arts

The Department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad is a leading centre for the study of subjects including Cultural studies, Economics, English (Literature and Language), Psychology, Linguistics, Sociology and Social Anthropology.

The department is also highly committed to teaching innovative and intellectually stimulating courses to undergraduate and post graduate students. While its primary focus remains world class research in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Unique in its constitution and vision, the Department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad strives to pursue excellence in teaching and research to benefit students, academics and the wider society. It also aspires to enrich the academic and creative life of the institute, encourage cutting-edge scholarship and cultivate a deeper understanding of humanity at large.


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