IIT Hyderabad partners with C-MET to recycle e-waste

IIT Hyderabad, C-MET Collaborate For Research In E-Waste Recycling

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH), known for its academic strength and research projects, has moved towards reprocessing e-waste through researches in partnership with Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), a scientific society founded by the Ministry of Information Technology to work on the development of electronics.

The partnership is aiming towards offering the M.Tech program and undertaking research projects for developing an eco-friendly way of treating e-waste present in the country.

E-waste (Electronic Waste), abandoned electronics devices act as a threat to humans and mother earth. They are toxic to the human body’s nervous and reproductive systems and non-biodegradable.

The collaboration will emphasize the government of India’s project under Digital India about the treatment of e-waste. They will organize joint workshops, conference and courses.

C-MET research scientists and staff can opt for a doctoral degree or part-time doctoral degree at IIT Hyderabad while C-MET Hyderabad is offering IIT Hyderabad students training, internship, thesis or research, as they want.

Meanwhile, Computer accessories contribute 70% of e-waste in the country followed by Smartphones with 12% which is increasing by 15% due to the demand, making them the major contributor in e-waste in the future.

India has failed in treating the e-waste with only 0.036 Million Tonnes out of 2 Million Tonnes it produces every year. In the world, India is the 5th country that has managed to produce this much-untreated e-waste.


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