Madras High Court stays order regarding JEE advanced exam for IIT-Kanpur

In a judgement declared by Madras High Court, IIT Kanpur has been asked to revise its rank list of this year for IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced held in May. The court has stayed its judgement after it was challenged by IIT-Kanpur.

In a petition filed by 17-year-old L. Lakshmi Sree of Chennai, Justice S. Vaidyanathan said that “though there was absolutely no difference between 7 and 7.00, students who had followed the pre-examination instructions scrupulously must be given preference as against those who had not followed them”.

The court has ordered IIT-Kanpur to prefer those candidates who have followed the instructions written in the paper. The candidates were marked equally even if they had not followed the original directions.
It was instructed before the examinations to change the numerical value in decimal rounding off to two decimal places.

The students who did not follow the instructions and answered 7 or 7.0 have been marked correctly just like those who followed the instructions and answered 7.00. The petitioner argued that it was unfair to those who followed the instructions. After the judge found weightage in her claim he ordered IIT Kanpur to evaluate the answer scripts according to the pre-examination instructions given to the students.

The court stays on its judgement and has directed the institute to revise its original rank list.


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