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Major fabrication of History by BJP-governed states schools

Maharana Pratap won battle of Haldighati & not Akbar,Nehru & Gandhi no longer in History,Hitler was a hero & what not is in the new syllabus.

Very recently, the BJP-ruled states have been alleged to have re-written the history of India to give it a ‘right-wing perspective’ and have been much criticized for the move. Apparently, the re-written history includes the Mughals being mass murderers, reflect Hindu rules as invincible and victor of all major battles. Another accusation over the party is that it has attempted to erase much references of its political adversaries to include people whom it considers national icons.

1. The battle of Haldighati- Pratap won, not Akbar

As of yet, the history one used to read said that on June 18, 1576, the emperor Akbar led a gigantic Mughal army and defeated the king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap. Pratap had fled from the battle, tells the historical evidence, however, later on, he carried out multiple guerilla war against the Mughals.

Apparently, the Rajasthan University has set its foot firm to impart through a new book that the Maharana had defeated Akbar and not the other way round, in the approx 450-year-old battle. Previously, the BJP govrnment in the state commanded to change textbooks for class IX and X to as to infuse the fabricated history instead. This sudden impulse came after the book ‘Maharana Pratap: Kumbalgarh se Chavand’ by KS Gupta, retired History professor, launched. The ex-professor claims that it is in accordance to his examination of contemporary Persian records, near contemporary Rajasthani sources and the study of circumstances, that he came down to this conclusion and has written a book over it. The education minister for Rajasthan defended the changes and announced that students will not read “distorted history”.

2. Nehru, Gandhi have lost track in History

As of yet, academic history books carried elaborated notes on Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru’s contributon to India’s freedom struggle. It is clearly mentioned that Nehru went on to become the first Prime Minister of the country in 1947, post the British leaving the country, which was soon followed by the bloody Partition.

But, following the currently processed changes in the History books, text for Class VIII will not mention Nehru and Gandhi whatsoever. Neither will Nathuram Ghodse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, will be mentioned.

Even Class X and XII textbooks will be scarcely mentioning Mahatama Gandhi and will have no trace of Nehru. They will rather be replaced by the RSS ideologue Veer Savarkar, who will be portrayed as a great revolutionary and a great patriot. There will be a quite detailed contentious assertion on him. Moreover, the political science textbook for Class XI will refer Congress as a “nurtured baby” of the British.

Moral Science will teach RSS ideology

The subject ‘Moral Science’ is a K-12 subject which has always stood up to its purpose, which is to teach good morals to students. But with the BJP’s interference, in Haryana’s education syllabus, new moral science books authored by Dinanath Batra have been introduced. Batra is a controversial convenor of the RSS-backed Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti. Saraswati Vandana come in the beginning of the book, which Batra says will impart knowledge and wisdom when recited. Instead of using the word ‘Hindu-ism’, he chooses to say that the books will instill ‘Indian Values’ and ‘nationalism’ in students. A much logical set of critics, however, point out that the non-Hindu students forced to recite Saraswati Vandana goes against the country’s secular ethos. Another BJP-ruled state, Gujarat, has already included the book as a compulsory read in the schools.

Christians, Parsis and Muslims aren’t Indians

And now comes the most controversial bit: Gujarat had been fabricating books far before Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. Apparently, as early as 1995, Class IX social studies textbook calling Muslims, Christians and Parsis as “foreigners” were introduced into the education system, under the Keshubhai Patel governance. The content of the book went on saying as far as that “in most of the states, the Hindus are a minority and the Muslims, Christians and Sikhs are in a majority” and was published under the name of Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks. Moreover, although this i quite humorous, a Class X social science textbook called Hitler a hero, and not the Fuhrer, who “lent dignity and prestige to the German government”. This book, however, was later taken down.

In then end, the question  that truly exists is: shouldn’t education be neutral to all social/economic barriers like religion, caste, class, gender etc.? The above mentioned tweaks in education call in for some serious thinking if its really education that is being imparted anymore.

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