Manish Sisodia directs Delhi government Schools to stop collecting exam fee

CBSE announced the hike in fee by 24 times for SC/ST students and increased it by 2 times for General students few weeks back. The Delhi government has directed the heads of all schools not to collect the fee from any student until further directions from CBSE.

Delhi government opposed this move of CBSE and even said that they will consider setting up different board if the CBSE won’t change its decision.

After that CBSE rolled back the increased examination fee for SC/ST students of delhi region.

CBSE also explained the reason behind the increasing fee.

The delhi government schools were continuing to collect exam fee from students of classes 10 and 12 as the government had not issued any directives, despite public proclamations that they would cover the fee of candidates for the 2020 examination.

Back in June, Education Minister Manish Sisodia announced at an event that the government would cover the complete examination fee for all students in its schools who will appear for class X and XII board examinations. While no directives were given in this regard, on August 2 when the CBSE increased its fee to Rs 1,200 for SC/ST students and Rs 1,500 for the rest of the students in both classes. The last date for schools to submit the list of candidates for the examination is September 30.

But now the Delhi government has directed schools to continue with the process of completing the list of candidates for the exams at same time directs them to not collect the increased fee from students.

Three weeks into the collection process, many students have already paid the increased fee to their schools. Sisodia had told in an interview that this amount would be refunded to students.

A teacher in a government school welcomed the latest move. “But this is not a sustainable solution. Another government might come to power and they might not choose to cover this cost,” she said.


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