New rules for CBSE registration issued: How to fill details on OASIS, How to check CBSE Registration data being submitted is correct

Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE has issued new rules for the CBSE Registration for class 9 and class 11 students to appear for their board exams. No corrections will be allowed this year on wards. Check out the new CBSE Registration rules and mandates here.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has changed the registration rules for Class 9 students in an effort to streamline the board examination process. CBSE Registrations will now be conducted earlier than before. CBSE Registrations have begun from August 8, 2019.

Check the new rules for CBSE Registration:

1. In 2020, the CBSE board exams for classes 10 and 12 will be conducted via 16 regional offices of CBSE which have send the new school codes to all schools. Henceforth, schools will need to use these codes for communication with CBSE.

2. All CBSE schools will need to register themselves before online registration submissions. Schools need to use their ‘Affiliation Number’ as the user ID. Schools can get the password from the concerned regional office, after which they should change the password and protect it.

3. Schools need to ensure they are following the CBSE rules in terms of candidate registration, classroom availability, and the number of teachers. The teacher-student ration should be 1:30 and the number of class sections cannot exceed the number permitted by CBSE.

4. Class 9 and class 11 examinations have to be conducted internally by the schools.

5. Schools can complete the registration process by individual entry or by uploading a filled-in Excel file provided by the online registration system.

6. Schools should send the signed copy of finalized data of Registration of class IX/XI to the concerned regional office only and not to CBSE, Preet Vihar, Delhi.

7. In case of any difficulty during registration or payment refund issues, schools should contact their concerned regional office of CBSE.

8. As per ‘The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016’, CBSE is extending several exemptions/concessions to candidates with disabilities. Check details here:

9. Only those students whose names are submitted through the online registration process will be allowed to appear for the February-April 2021 board examinations for classes 10 and 12.

10. CBSE schools have to update student data on OASIS before registration.

How students and schools need to update data on online portal for CBSE Registration ‘OASIS’:

  • Only those TGTs/PGTs who are teaching Classes IX-X/XI-XII respectively should be shown as TGT/PGT to ensure appointment of eligible evaluators for quality evaluation.
  • The full names of all the teachers shall be filled in the OASIS and not abbreviations.
  • CBSE has recently amended its affiliation Bye-laws which in addition to making a minimum of 5 days of in-service training programmes per year of teachers mandatory. Accordingly, each of the private independent school affiliated to CBSE is required to pay a minimum Training Development fee of Rs 10,000 (schools located in India) / Rs.50000 (schools located abroad) annually to CBSE from the session 2019-20 onwards.
  • All independent schools situated in India have to deposit Sports Fee of Rs.10,000 along with the registration fee. This fee will be collected through the online system by default. No separate sports fee is required to be sent by the schools situated in India.
  • CBSE has prescribed a scheme of studies and schools are required to offer the subjects in adherence with the Scheme of Studies only.
  • Details of all students should be submitted only in one lot for each fee slab. Partial submission of data will be not allowed in a fee slab. Meaning thereby, in each slot only one list of the students will be accepted
  • Schools shall have to upload the photographs and signature of their bonafide students in Class IX/XI registration before final submission

11. Online submission of CBSE registration shall close at 5:00 pm on the designated dates. Schools should complete the work much before time to avoid delay due to server or internet issues.

12. Schools should submit data in OASIS without any penalty till 30.9.2019, after which, a penalty as applicable in 2018 shall be imposed.

13. From this year onwards, students won’t be allowed to update their information in the hard copy of CBSE Registration. It is the responsibility of the schools to ensure that the correct data is uploaded.

How schools can ensure that CBSE Registration data being submitted is correct:

  • CBSE Registration details will be provided to the students and the parents in the form of a registration card by the school to confirm the correctness of details.
  • The List of Candidate (LOC) will be based on the data provided in Registration record. Parents will sign the LOC as a confirmation of the correctness of data.
  • Parents will sign an undertaking at the back of the Class X and XII certificate that they have checked the data and found correct. 

    14. Schools should check the following data submitted by students for CBSE Registration when uploading the information:

    • Spelling of name of student/mother/father/guardian is correct and is as per the Admission and Withdrawal Register maintained by the school. The full names should be used and not abbreviations to avoid later confusion
    • Date of Birth is correct and is as per Admission and Withdrawal Register maintained by the school
    • As per Examination Bye-Laws, schools need to ensure that the student, while seeking admission in a class, satisfies the requirement of age limit (minimum and maximum)
    • Subject combinations are correct and as per Scheme of Studies
    • Subject codes should be chosen carefully and especially in the following subjects:
      • in Class 9: Hindi – A (002), Hindi – B(085), Urdu A(003), Urdu B(303), Mathematics Standard(041), Mathematics Basic(241).
      • in Class 11: Hindi Core(302), Hindi Elective(002), English Core(301), English Elective(001) Sanskrit Core(322), Sanskrit Elective(022), Urdu Core(303), Urdu Elective(003)

    15. Here are the points schools need to remember while submitting student names for CBSE Registration as per the CBSE notification:

    • Every affiliated school shall present a list of number of students and their particulars in respect of Classes IX, X, XI & XII at the time of beginning of an academic session in the manner prescribed by the board.
    • No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board’s examination who are not on its rolls.
    • No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board’s examination who are enrolled in an unaffiliated School/Branch.
    • No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board’s examination who are on its roll but have not attended the school regularly or do not meet the requirement of minimum attendance for appearance in the Board’s examination.
    • Every affiliated school shall sponsor regularly its bonafide and eligible students in Boards Class X and Class XII examinations from the year mentioned while granting affiliation/upgradation regularly without break or inform with reasons thereof in writing well in time about the non-sponsoring of the candidates.
    • The school affiliated to the Board shall not send candidates for examination of any other Board/University. It shall prepare candidates for the Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations of the CBSE only.

    For more details on the CBSE notification, check the full CBSE notification here:

    For any queries call at CBSE Helpline No. 1800-11-8002 between 9:30 am to 5:30 pm on all working days.


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