Opportunity for Tezpur University students to study in Queens’s University-UK

It seems like Queen’s University (a Uk based one of the most renowned varsities) is showing much interest in Indian education. After announcing JEE scores to be a part of one of the eligibilities for the Indian students to pursue higher education in Queen’s Univesrity, recently it has joined hands with an Indian education University.

Prf. Ian Greer, President and Vice Chancellor, Queen’s University Belfast-Uk and Prof. V.K Jain, Vice-Chancellor, Tezpur University, Assam-India have signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to jointly supervise doctoral programmes in next 5 years. The memorandum was signed in the presence of the key functionaries from both the universities.

The significance of the initiative is to tap mutually beneficial opportunities for collaborative research and building capacities of human resource.


The MoU has a number of provisions for the benefit of students and faculty members of both the universities. As per the agreement-

  1. Sponsored scholars will be nominated by Tezpur University for admission to a Collaborative Research Degree Programme *(CRDP) at Queen’s University.

* CRDP is a formal arrangement of joint supervision, at PhD level by an academic each from both the universities.

2. The maximum period of stay at Queen’s University will be two semesters for the scholars under the schools of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) and Management Sciences (MS). 6 semesters stay for scholars of schools of Sciences and Engineering.

3. Undergraduate students will be able to go for summer school study experience of 3-4 weeks at Queen’s University.

Apart from this there will be exchange of visits by TU and QUB staff for collaborative research, teaching and discussions. Scholars registered at Queen’s University may also be nominated to carry out part of their studies/research at TU.


– The scholars, who are registered for a PhD programme at Tezpur University, will be able to take a research internship at Queen’s University. The maximum period of stay at Queen’s University will be 2 months for HSS and MS scholars and 2 semesters for Science and Engineering scholars.

– High achieving scholars from TU, who have commenced their studies in certain programmes- (M.Tech, M.Sc, MA, MBA and B.Tech) will be able to undertake project work or a research internship at Queen’s University with joint supervision.

Greer, along with his delegation from Belfast, were on three-day visit to India. He met with representatives from a number of institutions and corporates in the country.




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