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Oversleeping may lead to stroke says Study

Oversleeping may lead to stroke says Study

Eat, Sleep and Repeat – The most beloved concept among millennials with the more, the better. Sleeping is the most loved activity for dreamers and considered the best cure for any diseases or bad days. People wait eagerly for the weekends to complete their ‘Khumbhkarana sleep’. But a new study reveals oversleeping can cause and harm your human body to a level where it cannot be undone.

Sleeping for eight to nine hours has been favored by Lifestyle gurus across the globe with a caution. They prescribe people to have a healthy lifestyle with proper food and adequate water which guarantees a night of sound sleep. If you are going through uneven sleep schedules then that might result in body aches and headaches with sour mood and increased level of stress.

The study reveals that excessive sleeping may increase the risk of stroke by 85% leading to death and disability of any kind. The study cautions to sleep for less than 9 hours and avoiding naps as they will only escalate the chances of various diseases and disorders.

Although, that doesn’t mean you should start sleeping for 3 to 6 hours. Always remember, proper sleep leads to freshness, healthy body, lower heart rates, good mood with positivity channeling throughout the day.

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