Pudducherry Education Department initiates to improve quality of Education in Govt. Schools

During the workshop on ‘Project SATH-Education’ in Puducherry, the Management Information System was introduced which focussed on learning outcomes, concentrating on three or four areas and involvement of parents and locals in running the institution. Also, suggestions were made for initiating improvement in the quality of education in government schools in the Union Territory.

The Government also seeks advice from the think-tanker Niti Aayog for making necessary changes in teaching practices and students result in government schools.

Niti Aayog also called for a scheme namely “Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital in Education” (SATHE-E) in 2017 to design pre-college education by 2020.

Addressing the workshop, Alok Kumar, advisor, Human Resource Department, NITI Aayog, said “an effective MIS could help get correct feedback on teachers and parents. The feedback would help take corrective steps in a time-bound manner. The premise that the role of a teacher ended with the time that they spent in school should be done away with. The teachers should go beyond imparting lessons and assist the students in addressing social issues that they confront,” Mr. Kumar said.

He added that there is a great scope of improvement in teaching practices and improvement in performance of schools in the Union Territory.

The National Achievement Survey 2017 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development ranked the Union Territory at the 27th spot. It was found that performance was below national average.

According to the survey, it was found, among the Class 3 students in government and government-aided schools, only 62% answered questions in Mathematics, 52% in Environmental Science and 59% in Languages.

Also, among Class 5 students, 51% answered questions in Mathematics, 52% in Environmental Science and 51% in Languages. In Class 8, on an average, only 31% responded to questions from Mathematics, 31% in Science, 29% in Social Science and 46% in Languages.

A. Anbarassu, Secretary, Education, told definite programme would be evolved to improve the quality of education and the department had an open mind in addressing the issues,” he said.

“The steps taken by NITI Ayog under SATH-E would be introduced in the Union Territory,” he added.

Minister R. Kamalakannan, Director of School Education Rudra Goud and representative of Boston Consultative Group Seema Bansal attended the workshop.


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