Punjab Government Invites Alumni to boost strength of government schools


The Punjab Education Department has decided to invite well-placed alumni from various government schools to help boost the strength in the upcoming academic sessions.

Admissions for nursery classes are on and while for other classes will start in a while. The Education Department has asked all the state-run schools to identify the best-placed alumni in various fields of engineering, medical, defense, civil services, etc and contact them to put their pictures on the website.

The Schools have decided to invite them to annual functions and will be organizing alumni meets.

“When people will get to know about such alumni who have achieved big things in their lives after studying from the government schools, they will change their perception about these schools and come forward send their children to these government schools,” said Secretary, Education, Krishan Kumar.

He added: “When private schools can publish the list of the achievers from their schools to make public aware about the standards of their schools then why can’t we do so.”

It has been observed that these alumni meet will help students to make a way out to contribute to their respective schools, improve infrastructure or give financial assistance to poor students.


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