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Reconstructing the rural education with digital technology

Though there is much technological advancement, there are still a group of people left unnoticed in the present world. These include the rural children who are deprived of proper educational methods. The students are not properly aided by the right teachers and required materials are not given.

Let us have a look on how the online teaching can restructure the rural education

As per Einstein’s say, education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. Though this may said in a right motive, it also reflects the fact, that the student will intend to remember only those things which has been embedded into his memory. Through the years, the education and its pedagogy have been evolving. However, the education is rural India doesn’t seem to provide a satisfactory reslt.

Today’s education witness a lot more interesting way to learn. Self-learning has been one of the most profound way in this existing technology. The learning is prompt and flexible. This is all because of the evolution of the online education.

Why online education?

The traditional method has its own advantages. However, this methodology is not comfortable everywhere. Online education reaches the students where the teachers can’t connect. With a single phone and an internet connection, one is able to learn everything. This provides an equal platform for anyone who wishes to learn.

With more than 430 million children the country cannot necessarily provide a one to one teacher to connect with. However with the help of digital technology, it is possible to reach out vast at any time. This is cost effective and keeps the students updated with the information.

Tools and equipment:

The mentioned things have become plausible with the use of digital technology. With multimedia access it has now become easier for both the students and teachers to communicate with each other. Basic equipments like a classroom, digital board, digital teaching system, digital content, digital language lab, etc are required in order to develop an efficient communication system.

This enables us to reach even the most remote place. However, even these pose a challenge as the poor infrastructure, lack of proper internet connectivity, impoverished electricity etc. are not available for effective online communication.

The government is taking several steps to make sure that every student gets access to these facilities. However, the pace in which they proceed has left them a long way to go.

Digital measures taken to help rural India

As the covid pandemic affected the lives of everyone, it is imperative for us to overcome it. The covid has seriously affected the education system as the schools have been shut down since mid-march. So an alternate measure should be considered in order to make sure of continuous learning.

Till now there is no clear cut order as when to reopen the schools. Till such time, the digital mode of education is opted so that the students stay in touch with the syllabus. This enables us to promote education even in rural areas.

As many public sectors get involved in helping the community, digital education is now feasible in rural areas. Students now get access to online coaching in a centralized manner.

However, just by introducing these platforms do not enable full-fledged learning. One has to incorporate it with full interest and the teachers too have to dedicate


The development of any society lies in proving information to all. This availability promotes growth among the students in a healthy manner. The digital growth with good infrastructure lies in the hands of government to make this environment a better place.

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