Research in Japan with scholarships offered by Japanese government

Research in Japan with scholarships offered by Japanese government

The relations between India and Japan were tumultuous during World War II but after Independence, they have grown to be more than friends with Bilateral Trade at the US $16.31 Billion along with programs and scholarships to bridge the gap between them.

The Japanese government is offering the scholarships 2020-2021 to 15 Indian senior secondary teachers who are seeking to research on the Japanese education system. The duration for the scholarship is 18 months from October 2020 with an allowance of 1,43,000 yen per month.

If you love to research about the standard of education system across the countries, then Japan is the place for you. The governments of both countries are pitching in to help you in discovering and examining their system.

The final candidates will be selected through an evaluation process based on their research, interview and written test schedules to be held on February 1, 2020, in the country’s capital. The nomination needs to be sent with the research proposal to the ministry of Human Resource Development.

Japan is known for its traditional arts, sushi, and animation along with being the 26th safest country in the world while India is known for its mixed culture and heritage aiming towards becoming a $5 Trillion Economy.


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