SDMC’s mega parent-teacher meeting a hit with 78% parents participation

SDMC hosts mega parent-teacher meeting to address student's development in school

The turnout for South Delhi Municipality Corporation led mega parent-teacher meeting came close to a staggering 78%

NEW DELHI: SDMC in its mega parent-teacher meeting recorded a 78% attendance from parents of children studying in its schools.

For the civic body, the meeting was not just an opportunity to discuss performances of students with their parents, but also to share important information and sensitise the children and their parents about various important issues. The recently amended Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) was one such issue. Among other things, SDMC demonstrated the process of giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and shared information on protection from water-borne diseases.

The civic body’s education committee chairperson. Nandini Sharma was quoted, “The purpose of educating people about Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) helps create awareness about child abuse and is essential to avoid such incidents in school premises as well as home. We also taught parents CPR, a life-saving technique used in medical emergencies such as heart attack and lung infection.”

Sharma added, “We also distributed saplings and informed the parents about the various methods to prevent the spreading of water-borne diseases like dengue and minimise chances of breeding of mosquitoes.”

Such meetings ensure that there is a regular dialogue between parents and school authorities which serves as an opportunity to discuss views regarding educational policies and also to analyse valuable suggestions received from parents on the needs of children in schools. The outcomes of such meetings is creation of certain action plans which help create a holistic atmosphere in schools and ensure all-round development of children.

An SDMC official said, “The parents requested the teachers to monitor the quality of mid-day meals daily. They highlighted the need to disseminate moral education and asked principals to ensure punctuality in school so that students inculcate its importance.”


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