Preparing for SNAP? Check these tips for effective preparation using mobile

The renowned Symbiosis Institute which is located in Pune conducts a test which is conducted on a national basis. Abbreviated for Symbiosis National Aptitude Test, SNAP is an entrance examination for the consequent admissions in MBA course and other management courses offered in Symbiosis. It is considered to be one of the most important MBA entrance examination after CAT, MAT and XAT.

The importance of this examination can be well understood from the average number of applicants every year. The only difference between CAT and SNAP is that there is an inclusion of a particular section called General Awareness which is not present in CAT curriculum. Apart from this, the difficulty levels of both the entrance examinations are different as well.

The exam is a computer-based examination conducted for a duration of 2 hours. There are four sections which are General English, Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation, General Awareness and Analytical & Logical Reasoning. The section carrying the most weightage is analytical and logical reasoning while the most number of questions are asked from other questions. To crack SNAP, one must prepare smartly and manage their time accordingly.

How to Prepare and fare well in SNAP?

Whenever we discuss a topic which is related to a certain exam preparation, it is often noticed that we primarily discuss the relevance of books. The type of important guide-books, model question banks and important articles are often the main topic of discussion. Important books and study materials are available in bookstores as well as online e-commerce platforms. Since English, general awareness, analytical as well as logical reasoning are the important part of SNAP curriculum, it is recommended that an aspirant should focus on these parts to secure good marks.

Role of Smart-phone in SNAP Registration and Preparation 

Nowadays, every parent complains about the impact of smart-phones on the young generation. It is generally seen that the youth is addicted towards it and there are many adverse effects to it. One should always be optimistic in his or her approach in life and find out the positive aspect of using smart-phones to prepare for any exam one will be taking. Smart-phones are named as such because they are made to make our lives smarter and better. It is well known that smart-phones provide us with easy internet access, so exam registrations can be done easily through them.

One needs to understand and find out the ways how to properly use a smart-phone. With the onset of one good example, the stereotype which is prevalent about smart-phones will be reduced and people will try to see the brighter aspects of it. Especially for MBA aspirants, a smart-phone can act as a gem which means that only the constructive use can culminate in something huge and better in future. One needs to chalk down their routine first and then they need to figure out how to include the use of smart-phones in them.

Can our smart-phones help in the preparation of SNAP?

It is often said that there is always a way but one needs to find that way out. smart-phones can be used to study and make a lot of progress if we consider the preparation of MBA entrance exams such as SNAP or CAT. The fact is SNAP examination is difficult to crack but one can crack it if he or she shows proper dedication and effort.

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  1. E-books:

With the gradual digitization of the world, every activity is done online these days. Books have been replaced by e-books since a very long time. Pen and paper examinations have been replaced by online examinations as well. Now the fact is every MBA entrance examination is an online examination in which the candidate needs to answer the questions by simply clicking on the mouse. This reveals the fact that the candidate needs to be habituated with the computer screen for a longer duration of time and using smart-phones can make an individual comfortable in this process.

Instead of reading books, one can order an e-book using the smart-phone which will cost much lesser and some sites also allow free access to their e-books. One should read the books such as General Knowledge for All competitive exams, Get Hired, Quantitative Aptitude, Indian History etc. Aspirants can also buy the different monthly versions of these books. It is easier to read on a smart-phone.    

  1. MCQ questions:

SNAP questions are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based. So, a candidate needs to divide their allotted time for attempting the questions, as well as revising them. They can improve in this sector of time management with the help of their smart-phones. There are various online sites and applications present which offer online tests according to the set time slot. Through various mobile applications, one can go through the previous years’ questions as well as solve them on spot. This will improve one’s skills and make them more efficient in solving SNAP questions.

  1. Video tutorials:

Video tutorials are always recommended because they explain the particular topic from a student’s approach and due to the prevalence of such tutorials, it is easy to track them and learn from them. These video tutorials are free and one can go through them using their smart-phones. These videos are made extremely interesting and easy so that the viewers can understand. One can have unlimited access to these tutorials through YouTube and other sites. The student can also ask questions and doubts in the comments section to which answers are given very promptly. Using smart-phones, video tutorials can be watched anywhere and this increases the accessibility rate and makes a candidate more comfortable.

  1. Mock tests:

Mock tests are indeed very important because they help a candidate to understand the pattern of questions, time management and acquaints them with the examination environment. Candidates can avail free mock tests online with the help of their smart-phones. Nowadays, coaching institutes charge a lot of money for conducting online mock tests, so this money can also be saved using smart-phones. This increases their expertise over the curriculum and makes them confident.

  1. Note-taking apps:

This is a proper example of a smart-phone making our lives easier. There are various note-taking apps available on the internet which save the students from carrying heavy notebooks in their bags. They only need to write down the important points in these apps or record them through the recording apps. Everyone knows the managing capability of smart-phones and how they preserve the notes and important questions. This reduces effort and one need not worry losing their notes at any point of time. So, it can be beneficial to take the shortcut method in order to gain expertise.

One can turn into a productive individual using his or her smart-phone in a proper way. Since SNAP is an online examination, the candidates can use their smart-phones wisely to prepare for it. One can even order essential books online which also cost lesser. Facilities which a smart-phone provides are unique in their own and no teaching institute will provide the same benefits. The basic SNAP guides are available at lower rates in e-commerce sites and one should buy them to enhance their skills and correct themselves. Apart from that, there are millions of sites which provide information or basic hacks to crack SNAP examination.