How to Start a Business Letter with Example?

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In the professional world, we often come to a situation when we require writing business letter. It becomes necessary to write business letter when we need to apply for a new job or give a thank you note to someone or for sending an apology or a farewell mail. So, it is very essential to know how to write a business letter effectively that has the enough potential to impress the reader. 

On Internet you will get a lot of samples and templates for writing business letter. Some of these templates and samples claim to be the best letter template but its usability actually depends on the situation of your writing the business letter. So, you cannot totally depend on the templates that you usually found on the Internet. But whatever the case may be the most essential thing in the business letter is how you start it. If the starting line impresses the reader then it will be surely be worth to read the complete letter. 

Actually writing a business letter is an art and it cannot be a cup of everyone’s tea. Neither the pre-built template can help you a lot in this regard. So it is absolutely necessary to know how to start a business letter as if the starting is good it may make your job a lot easier. Hence, in this article we have come up with some effective strategy to start a business letter that will surely impress your reader without any doubt. The following are some of two essential examples that you must apply in your business letter to get an effective result:

  • Focus on the Salutation: 

Salutation is an essential part of any business letter. It is that part of the business letter with the help of which you address the reader. The perfect salutation of a business letter depends on whether you know the reader of the letter or not and how formal is your relation with the reader. Apart from that, it also depends on the type of business letter you are writing. For example, if it is a very formal official business letter and you do not know exactly to whom you have to address or if you are writing the letter to an institution then you should start with the line “To Whom it may concern”. 

Again there may be a situation when you have to write a business letter to someone whose position is known to you but you do not know his or her name. In such a case, your perfect salutation will be “Dear Sir/Madam”. But in case you know his or name and her position you can address as “Dear Mr. X or Dear Ms. X or Dear Dr. Doctor, Dear Prof X, etc.” based on his or her designation.

  • Focus on the situation for which you are writing:

Concentrate on whether you are writing the business letter in reference to the previous letter or you are writing the letter for the first time. If you are writing in reference to the previous contact then you can write, “I/We are writing regarding your inquiry about….”. But if you are writing for the first time then you must write “I/We are writing to inform you that ….”. Again if you want to make a request then you can write “I/We would like to appreciate it if you would…” or you can also write “I/We would be grateful if you could….”.  For giving good news you can write “We are pleased to announce that ….” and for bad news, you can write “We regret to inform you that….”.

This is how you should start your business letter that will surely impress your readers. By the way, if you want to use LinkedIn Strategies to get more leads,sales and customers, you need to check out this post that covers the essential LinkedIn strategies for small businesses.

This is how you should start your business letter that will surely impress your readers.  


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