Startup Leadership Program (SLP) organises marathon to raise funds for girl education

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The Startup Leadership Program, in collaboration with Nayi Disha, an NGO, organized a startup marathon on Sunday, in order to raise funds and create awareness among the people towards education and welfare for girl and women. This has been termed as the largest startup marathon, which constituted the highest number of participants, starting from IIIT Hyderabad.

Uma Devi Chigurupati, marathoner and executive director of Granules India said “Running at least for five days a week can make a tremendous difference to ones physical and mental health. However, I would like to tell the beginners to start with lesser distance and improve on it gradually over time.”

Para-cyclist Dharmana Shanamukha Rao expressed his concern over youth driving recklessly on roads and advised them to follow traffic rules. “At least for the family’s sake we should try and reach the destination safely,” he said.

Many Participants included Budding entrepreneurs, outstanding founders, innovators, and students.

SLP is a world-class training program that is known for its outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who wish to become CEO. It originated in Boston reportedly in 2006 with only seven participants, now spread over to 28 cities and 13 countries.


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