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Students Entrepreneurship Policy: IIT Kanpur’s next step to foster innovation

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur recently announced that it has approved the Students Entrepreneurship Policy which will promote and foster innovation and entrepreneurial skills among students.

The Students entrepreneurship Policy is a comprehensive program which has been introduced in line with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) and National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP).

The policy has introduced a unique concept of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Credit” which will enable the students to integrate their entrepreneurial aspirations with their academic journey.

Key points of the policy

  • Simultaneous academic and entrepreneurial development
  • Semester leave for entrepreneurship work
  • Academic credits for pursuing Innovation and entrepreneurship.

This policy will work as an all-in-one support for those students who aspire to chase their entrepreneurship and innovation ideas along with completing the academics for their degree.

All students of third year undergraduate courses and final year postgraduate courses are eligible to avail this policy which will then become a part of their academic curricula till the completion of program.

After completing a minimum part of the course work, students can opt for entrepreneurial activities which will offer them academic credits. This credits will be included in their final results.

Students can also avail semester leave for a fixed time duration during which they can pursue their entrepreneurship work using facilities available both inside and outside of the institute campus.

This provision will ensure that the academic and pedagogical goals are not compromised while promoting the entrepreneurial spirit among students and it will also empower other stakeholders.

Prof. Abhay Khandilkar, the Director of IIT Kanpur, said that the modern industry demands for innovators and creators rather than passive learners for addressing the new challenges which arise everyday.

Such creators can only be produced when they get an ideal ecosystem where the entrepreneurship potential of students can be recognised and fostered so that their ideas can be turned into reality.

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