Two books mandatory for every child to read in a month from library, instructs Punjab Education Department

Punjab Education Department has come up with a solution to make a fruitful use of the books settled in the racks of libraries of Punjab schools.

The government schools across the state of Punjab are instructed by the PED to make sure that every student reads atleast 2 books in a month from the school library. It has also asked the schools to ensure that the order is taken seriously and their libraries are with quality books.

“It is mandatory for every child to read atleast two books in a month from the school library. Library in-charge, teachers should question the kids on the books read by them,” read an order by Director, School Education, Punjab issued on June 3rd.

The schools teachers have also been asked by the department to create separate whatsapp group, Facebook group and Instagram group to let the students interact and discuss on what they have read.

The teachers also need to keep posting relevant book names and knowledgeable information related to e-books, magazines, daily newspapers on these groups. The students also should be appreciated if they give good insights on the shared topics/books.

“Every month some literary personality, writer, educationist must be called to the school for giving motivational lectures to the students apart from lectures from their respective teachers, school heads and librarians,” reads the letter.

The Punjab Education Department said, “The main aim of reading library books is to develop reading habit among the students at an early stage, which will help them in better understanding of their syllabus and prove a boon in the long run.”



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