Aamir Khan contributed to post-production of ‘Secret Superstar’

Aamir Khan contributed to post-production of 'Secret Superstar'!

An Indian actor and a producer Aamir Khan helped to wrap up the post-production of his upcoming musical drama movie titled ‘Secret Superstar‘. The movie which is written and directed by Advait Chandan and produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. The movie features Zaira WasimMeher Vij and Aamir Khan in lead roles.

Director of the movie Advait Chandan said that actor Aamir Khan took out some time from the shooting of his upcoming movie title ‘Thugs Of Hindustan’ for ‘Secret Superstar’. Chandan says that it is his very first movie so he is very nervous and anxious. But he is thankful to the actor Aamir because he takes off some time and helped him wrapping up the post-production of the movie.

Advait said that Aamir came and give his approvals to the VFX and DI in the movie. Chandan said that Aamir spent last few nights in the fine-tuning and the final sound mix. He insisted to watch the first copy of the movie before he left to promote the movie and once if he has his final approval then he would be sleeping peacefully.

The movie ‘Secret Superstar’ will revolve around a teenage girl named ‘Insia’ and she has a dream of becoming a singer. Her father opposes her dream of becoming a singer while her mother is in her favor. Later, she realizes to fulfill her dream by wearing hijab and taking to YouTube to secretly upload her song. In the movie, Aamir Khan will be seen playing the role of her mentor.

“Secret Superstar” is all set to release on October 19.