ABC apologies for fuelling Hindu-Muslim terrorist myth in Quantico Episode featuring Priyanka Chopra

After extreme backlash directed at the ABC and Priyanka Chopra due to the recent episode of Quantico which featured a group of nationalistic Indians attempting to frame Pakistan in a major terrorist plot, the US television studio finally released a statement of apology highlighting the fact that the character of Priyanka had done nothing to influence the unsightly development of events.

Following the airing of the troublesome episode, Priyanka Chopra was bombarded with online attacks and even physical threats after being accused of betraying Indian culture and promoting the myth of Hindu-Muslim terrorism between the two countries in a foreign country’s television programme. Masses had decided to threaten the boycotting of brands endorsed by Priyanka in the country, like Samsung, which immediately brought back revolting memories of her fellow actor Aamir Khan being dropped as the ambassador to Snapdeal after a comment on the mass intolerance in India back in 2016. Some people had even gone as far as sending petitions to the government demanding them to black out the exact scene where Priyanka’s character unveiled the plot behind the oncoming terrorist attack in New York by holding up religious Hindu prayer beads as an evidence.

The subsequent statement released by ABC on Friday apologized thoroughly for “inadvertently and regrettably stepping into a complex political issue”, and for the misconception of the storyline of the episode being involved with Priyanka Chopra’s nationality in any manner. As the company said, Priyanka Chopra didn’t create the show, nor did she direct or write the exact scene which apparently hurt the sentiments of her countrymen. Quantico had previously featured many antagonists of varied ethnicities as the plot followed the life of Priyanka Chopra’s character after graduating from the FBI, and none of them had ever been intended to offend any foreign culture.


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