Actor, Shilpa Shinde wants to quit Gangs Of Filmistaan

The crew of a film or show must remain happy if smooth work is required. Star Bharat’s latest offering, the non-fiction show Gangs Of Filmistaan has a problem at hand even before it has premiered. Their actor, Shilpa Shinde wants to quit the show. But why does Shilpa want that?

As per some reports, the actor has some disagreements with producers on casting, working conditions, and more. Shilpa talked to the and revealed how the makers broke her trust by getting Sunil Grover on board.

Now, you’ll think, what can Sunil Grover possibly do wrong with her? Clearing any doubts, Shilpa shared that she has no personal issues with him but, the fact that he overshadows his co-actors while working is the main problem. Speaking on this she said,

“He is a great man, and also a great actor. However, I feel he wants to hog all the limelight when he is performing. This is unfair to other actors. The makers are promoting the show as Shilpa’s comeback and they have literally pushed me to the back. When I was approached, I had told them that I don’t want to share screen space with Sunil Ji. However, a few days later, I got to know he is also part of the show. The makers assured me that he will have his separate acts. But that didn’t happen. He is now part of all skits, and it has become his show completely. No one else in the team is speaking, for reasons they know best. However, I cannot stand this partiality.”

Earlier, Shilpa had worked with the same team on Dhan Dhana Dhan.

Shilpa Shinde and Sunil Grover in Dhan Dhana Dhan

So what has altered now? When the fact is that earlier she had worked with Sunil. About this, she shared :

“I had similar issues back then also. However, just after winning Bigg Boss, I wanted to entertain my fans, and thus took up the show. Not wanting to have a similar issue, I shared my concerns from the start. However, I don’t think things will change, and thus it would be better for me to quit. I cannot work where an artiste is disrespected. They have just taken us for granted.”

The former Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain actor also complained about the working conditions on the show. She said how the shoot would stretch till late nights, with the script not completed even after the actors would assemble on sets.

While the channel has assured her that they’ll try to resolve any issues, Shilpa says that she is no mood to get back to the show. There is a twist to all of this though, as a producer of the show, Preeti Simoes told a different story.

She said :

We are open to discussion and even willing to resolve her issues. But she needs to speak to us first. For us, at the moment, we are waiting for her to recover from the cold and come back to shoot.”

This indicates shows that Shilpa is not cooperating with the producers as per Preeti. She further responded to Shilpa’s concern by asking, “Why would we have gotten other actors if we wanted to make a show on Sunil?”

Even health protocols are in place, as per Preeti. Meanwhile, Gangs of Filmistaan airs on Star Bharat at 8 PM, Mon-Fri.

Shilpa Shinde has also won Big Boss 11. 


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