Aishwarya Rai comments on Sexual Harassment and more

In a recent chat with Sunday Telegraph, Aishwarya spoke about how sexual harassment exists in all walks of life.

“It has brought out a lot of conversation and sharing. The good thing is that people are talking. I don’t think this needs to restrict itself to one part of the world. But this idea does not limit itself to show business or the film industry. It is people discussing it from all walks of life,” said the actress.

She was in Sydney last month when she fiercely voiced in favour of the #MeToo movement.

Talking about social media and its pros and cons, Aishwarya had this to say – “Social media is a great tool to keep communication going, but at the same time it can get exceedingly intrusive. Privacy is soon going to be a word we’re going to have to look up the meaning of, and that’s not just for people who are on the world platform. But you need to find your calm because social media is here to stay, and the world is getting smaller every day. Anyone who chooses to become part of show business knows what they’re in for.”

She also added, “Social media also gives you the ability to be heard. When voices gain momentum and magnitude, that’s when you start to see change – and that is what I’ve seen happening with the conversation around women in film. But it’s not enough. There’s so much more progress to be gained in strengthening job opportunities for women in the movie industry, and in general. We have to keep driving it forward.”

Aishwarya’s next venture is Fanney Khan, in which she will be seen alongside Anil Kapoor.