‘Viswasam’ review: Cliche storyline and dull plot, the film has nothing fresh to offer


Tamil action movie ‘Viswasam’ hit theatres on Thursday and the Ajith starrer lived up to the audience’s expectations which were “nothing”. With a cliched storyline and dull plot, the film had nothing fresh to offer.

Viswasam’ in a nutshell, “It is a story of a man who was dumped by his wife and banned from meeting his daughter. He feels guilty for not being there for her daughter during her growing years. And one should not mess with an angry head like him.”

Director Siva and Ajith collaborated for the fourth time, for something which has already been told thrice in ‘Veeram’, ‘Vedalam’ and ‘Vivegam’.

Gold-hearted Thooku Durai (Ajith) lives in a village where he is loved and adored by all, except some bad guys. Then comes Niranjana (Nayanthara), a beautiful, rich, sensitive and well-educated girl, as a doctor, to provide medical services. The two fall in love and after a song, she asks Durai to marry her. She even gives up the opportunity study further at Stanford University after getting pregnant. This is the 21st century, isn’t it?

After the interval, the film takes a few years leap, and Nayanthara is introduced as an ambitious and no-nonsense businesswoman. What happened to her medical degree?

With some expected turn of events, he meets his daughter in Dubai, while saving her life. And then the obvious question arises, whether Niranjana will have a change of heart after realizing her husband’s love for his family? The question has an obvious answer.

Just like any other family entertainer, the film approaches toward a happy ending and at the end, the audience takes a sigh of relief while leaving the hall after getting tortured for two hours.


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