Akshay Kumar only Indian actor-in the “Forbes’ Highest-Paid Entertainers” list

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Akshay Kumar, who is giving his phenomenal contribution to the world of cinema, stands as the only Indian celebrity to attain a place in the on Forbes’ Highest-Paid Entertainers’ list.

Every year Forbes Magazine published a list “Celebrity 100,” The object is to list the world’s 100 most generously compensated famous people.

This year at the top on Forbes’ rundown, which was discharged Wednesday, is 29-year-old Taylor Swift. What got her there was her 2018 “reputation” world visit, which earned simply over $266 million.

Going down in the list amongst top 10, second position is attained by Kylie Jenner: $170 million, following her stands Kanye West: $150 million, Lionel Messi: $127 million, Ed Sheeran: $110 million, Cristiano Ronaldo: $109 million, Neymar: $105 million, The Eagles: $100 million, Dr. Phil McGraw: $95 million, Canelo Alvarez: $94 million respectively.

Akshay mark 33rd positions in the list grossed over $65 million; he has once again renewed his superstardom status by becoming the only Indian on the list.

The 51-year-old actor has managed to beat some really big names like Rihanna, Kevin Hart, Jackie Chan, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson and more.


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