Akshay Kumar talks about the ban on Pakistani actors!

akshay kumar

The ‘Rustom’ star recently spoken about the debate that’s going on about the ban on Pakistan artistes in India. Being a son of an army officer, the 49 year old actor tells that the ban is a trivial issue when we have jawans dying at border to protect us.

He posted a video on social media slamming the questions being raised on the surgical strike by the Indian Army.

“Something which has been on my mind since the past few days and I just had to say it. Not intending to offend anyone… so here goes,” he posted along with the video.

“I am not speaking to you as a celebrity today. I am speaking to you as the son of an army man. For the past few days, I have been seeing and reading that people are arguing and some are asking for proof about surgical strikes, some are demanding ban on artistes, while some fear that there might be a war,” he said in the video.

“Arey sharam karo (have shame). These debates can happen later. First one must realize that people have already laid down their lives at the border. Nineteen jawans died during the attack and a 24-year-old jawan Nitin Yadav died in Baramulla,” he said.

“Are their families, or the families of our thousands of jawans, worried whether a film will release or not? Whether an artiste will be banned? No. They are worried about their future.

“And our concern should be to ensure that their present and future is better. I am, because they are. You are, because they are and if they are not there, then India won’t exist. Jai Hind.”

Well, the actor does have strong thoughts and we hope that his words do make a difference.


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