Amitabh Bachchan health update: Bed-ridden actor gets speedy recovery messages

Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan is not very well lately. Actor recently took to Twitter to give un update on his health and told his followers that he is being asked for bed-rest and his body is giving signals to slow down. Actor is using this time to communicate with his fans on social media.

Amitabh was earlier scheduled to attend 25th Kolkata International Film Festival, which was attended by Shahrukh Khan, CM Mamata Banerjee and other Bengali actors. Amitabh had to cancel this event due to health reasons and fans started speculating all sort of things related to his health.

Actor however later updated everyone about his health condition and told that he is watching premier league on TV and is being asked to rest.

Amitabh on Saturday wrote a personal blog writing about his health updates. He wrote,“i see this all day long .. the Fowler , precision ups and downs and bends in the bed .. the TV .. Premier League and .. yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh .. a Chelsea win .. the youngest PL team .. there is a dynamic 17 year old and a 19 year old in the team .. still studying in School .. this is the generation of the young .. I believe in another couple of years India shall have the youngest population in the World .. some estimates state 60% of populace to be young ..

.. and the West is worried .. they have the elderly .. we have the Gen Z .. and they shall rule .. what a time to be living .. time to go in a time warp and get young again .. !!!🤣”

Actor further wrote how he is spending his entire day currently. He wrote, “spare times in the bank .. lying around , skipping time to go by in rapid form .. and reminiscing the work front by the day after .. when there shall be the chair and the computer ji and the audience .. but first the left overs of incidents from the times of DON and the cracks and breaks now playing up .. and placing themselves in important avenues which restrict movement .. at times of this it may be of interest too .. to the body , but not the mind ..

so one listens to the body .. and many shall there be who will applaud and commit to say .. “ did we not tell you this to slow down” ..

Slow down .. ?

Thats what you tell the vehicle or the train on road and track .. so .. what 😛”

Expressing regret over not attending KIFF festival, Bachchan wrote, “Sad and in regret to not be able to travel for KIFF to Kolkata .. an event that has invited me for years .. I think now 7 years .. and the speech .. glorifying cinema and the research by educated assists from dear friends .. gone .. but there is communication established whether I could read it on video and send to them to be played at the Closing ..

.. the occasion to attend such events .. to be in the presence of an audience .. to deliver .. all such a frightening proposition .. nerves on end .. what to say , whether it shall be accepted .. what if not .. why must I accept such .. just leave me alone .. please .. I am not capable of presence at all .. but NO ..

.. they keep coming .. and refusal seems odd and at times misunderstood as being either difficult or arrogant .. but yes it comes with the territory and needs attention and will and acceptance .. so one bears .. inadequate ever, but yet to show presence ..😕

.. around the Fowler .. they insist its time to sleep off .. so 


good night I guess ..”




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