An Artist Suffers, concluding the point ft. Control (2007)

A still from Control

There’s always a reason for our actions, whatever we do is for a cause, be it for our personal favors or anything for that matter. These actions or behavior of ours are many times out of our own control, there’s no explanation you can have for yourself. In our unconscious mind, we are aware that or either question ourselves, Is Everything Worthless at the end? But the human tendency is bound to not change when it comes to a certain extent.

A scene from Control

The 2007 film Control based on the true life of the lead singer from the Joy Divisions band, Ian Curtis explores this part of the human psyche. Through his story, we get to see very confusing and complicated phases of human life and his lookout with his relationships. A time comes when there’s no control over heart and mind. Being a lead singer of the 80s, Curtis majorly suffered due to his personal life and overall we see fighting with himself that’s his inner mind.

Concluding to the point, “An Artist Suffers” here Ian suffers from his personal life which indirectly affects his professional life as well. The film is based on a true story that drives you perfectly through the struggles of an artist. And here especially it is the struggle of mind as it deals with the complications of human relationships.

Control is a must-watch, it’s quite an artistic take. Share your views and stay tuned to The Indian Wire for more such articles.


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