An Indian Film that was based on “Spread of Virus”

Being Locked Down for more than two months now due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, almost most of us are well aware of the “Spread of Virus” and to fight against such dangerous situations the only way is that the “Spread must be Contained”. And watching all these and hearing news 24/7 made me recall the 2019 Malayalam film Virus which is based on a true story of Kerala’s fight against the virus Nipah.

A still from movie Virus

The year 2018 which brought calamities to the door of this state, in May the deadly Nipah virus whereas in August the state witnessed a massive rainfall. And amid both these situations what stood out was the kindness and selflessness shown by the residents there. So, it was just the way of Humanity which helped them to fight against these deadly circumstances. Aashiq Abu’s 2019 film is a tribute to these unsung heroes including a lot of nameless and unknown people who stood as the pillar of humanity in this fight against the Nipah virus.

The main plot of the film is the medical mystery behind the Nipah Virus but it’s the small sub-plots which are drawn off from it that make the film more realistic. Not all of these may be equally compelling but the screenplay shifts and gives us stories that turn the “patient” into a person again and make us sit through the thriller till the end. The most impressive part of this film is that it never glorified it’s heroes and they are just like all of us which is the best part of the film and needs to be appreciated. Overall the film conveys one message that even if there are tough situations like
these, there’s only one way out and that is the way of Kindness and Togetherness.

The film is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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