Ananth Mahadevan : There’s no reason to look down on television!

An Indian film director Ananth Mahadevan says that there is no reason to look down on television. He feels that the movies are larger than the life, however, television is much smaller than life and theater is a real life. Now, he is all set to make his comeback on the television with the show titled ‘Aadat Se Majboor’, which will air on Sony SAB.

Ananth started his career with a television show and theater. He says that there is no need for him to look down on television even though it is a smaller medium. He believes that theater, television, and movies have got a certain perspective. He always thinks that the movies are larger than the life, television is smaller than life and the theater is a real life. After doing a lot of serials on the television along with the big stars like Satish Shah and Farooq Sheikh. Later, he graduated into the film direction and he even got three national awards for his movies and then he continued to do offbeat cinemas. There is somewhere in his mind that he wanted a break from direction.

He feels that direction is a very big responsibility and his upcoming show came at the right time when he actually wanted a mental break from movies. Everything was working perfectly with him and he thinks that it is the right opportunity to do a comeback on the television with acting.

He is very well known for his directorial venture like ‘Aksar’. He has even acted in many movies like ‘Baazigar’, ‘Akele Hum Akele Tum’, Kyo Kii… Mai Jhuth Nahin Bolta’. Now, he is all set to do a comedy show titled ‘Aadat Se Majboor’.

He said that he was not away from the television on purpose. He believes that the scenario of an Indian television is not something to get excited about. He started his career in 1983, where he worked under the producers like Sai Paranjape, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, and Gulzar and these are the people who started the serials and started the trend of it. They have set a very high standard for others and which is very difficult to emulate.

Later, in 1990’s he started his direction on television because he did not find anything exciting as an actor. After spending so much time in the direction, director Dharampal still approached him for his upcoming comedy serial because Dharampal feels that he would be perfect to be a part of the show. Everything was in his favor and from a very long time he wanted to do a comedy show so when the makers of the show came up to him he immediately said ‘Yes’.