Anantya Anand is back to mesmerize everyone with her skills in MyMissAnand: “Student Life – School vs. College” on YouTube

Anantya Anand aka MyMissAnand is back with yet another video on YouTube. The video “Student Life – School vs. College” was released on July 5, 2019, and has already crossed 1.4M views. Along with such a great response, the video is #7 on the trending list.

The video portrays the student life both in college and school and what are the differences in both of them. While the school is more of a protected space, colleges are a little freer in that sense. The professors don’t nag you or scold you much, it is completely your choice whether you wish to attend the lectures or not. The same doesn’t happen in schools; once you have entered the premises, you are expected to attend all of the classes.

Also, the attitude of kids changes from school to college. When in school, they wish to score the best and are so full of stress during their exam days. The preparations are finished 2 3 days before the scheduled date and the remaining days are for revision. But, in college, half of them don’t even remember which exam they have next or when are exams commencing.

You can’t take some made up parents to school for your attendance or other issues, but you have this freedom in college, which a lot of students do exploit.

Both the lives provide the best of their world and they can’t be compared in terms of memories that we create there.

Watch the video below or you can also check it on her YouTube channel.


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