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Anantya Anand’s acting in MyMissAnand: “Last Day of Summer Holidays” on youtube will leave you dumbfounded

Anantya Anand aka MyMissAnand is a child entertainer and a YouTuber. Anantya Anand posts videos often on her channel and features on her aunt’s channel as well, the renowned beauty blogger Shruti Arjun Anand.

MyMissAnand posted a video on June 21, 2019, and to our surprise, the video is #1 on the trending list with 1.3M views in less than 24 hours. The video is titled “Last Day of Summer Holidays”.

In this video, Anantya describes different kinds of kids and their behavior on the last day of the summer holidays. The video is sure to leave you astonished because of the script and its execution and most important of all, Anantya’s performance.

First in the list are the planner kids, who keep a record of how many days they want off from school but fail to even calculate the number of days.

The second category is ‘homework’. These kids keep the holiday’s homework for the last day and when they have a moment of realization, their expression is worth watching, which is also really funny and relatable.

The third is ‘chhutkara’, these kids are not excited for the school per se but the fact that they won’t have to do any more household work.

The ‘excited’ ones are easily relatable. All of us must have encountered one of these friends, who completes their homework before time and are super excited for school so that they can go and show it to their teachers.

The ‘emotional one’ seems a little exaggerated because nobody cries and not with a dramatic background especially.

The ‘dreamers’ is our personal favorite because all of us have imagined these scenarios in our head that somehow lead to the closing of schools for a couple more days.

Watch the video below and be mesmerized with her acting or you can watch it on her youtube channel also.





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