Anatomy of the ‘Hit Machine,’ the greatest duo Emraan Hashmi and KK

A still from Tum Mile

Forgive me if I’m wrong, as I am expressing myself on the behalf of an entire generation of people who grew up listening to Emraan Hashmi songs, most of them which were sung by KK. I am writing it down assuming that almost all of us have these same memories relating to these songs of this hit duo.

Back when we were kids and we never intentionally heard or searched for these songs, these tunes just submerged into our ears directly via radios at a school canteen or maybe your elder siblings/ cousins listening to them on TV. The tunes were so catchy that it probably got sucked by our unconscious minds. A time when movies and songs meant nothing to us, we were either playing all the time and partially studying.

Stills from the songs

As time passed further, we were enjoying our last couple of years in school. Sharing Games and Music via Blank CDs or Bluetooth Transfers. The attraction might be the first of all the feelings that we experienced, and it was that stage in our life. From animated channels we had shifted to music channels, the music we heard back then was now on the recall path.

Many of these songs from Emraan’s films were a part of Bluetooth transfers as we used our dad’s handsets. Being occupied with school, sports, tuitions, etc. the days passed by, these songs became a part of our life. As we were in the midst of understanding this term ‘attraction’ which we never really understood and didn’t even need to. Yet we enjoyed those new feelings in a way through these songs Zara Si, Soniye…an endless list.

Now as of today, these songs might act as a highlight to all the memories and the tons of stories you were a part of. A time which might have been different for all of us, our stories and memories might differ but in a way, they are connected through some of these beautiful elements of various mediums….the ‘Beetein Lamhein’

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