Angad Hasija : Bidaai has been a lucky show for everyone!

Bidaai has been a lucky show for everyone: Angad Hasija!

Small screen actor Angad Hasija‘s most popular show ‘Bidaai’ is currently on air in Indonesia. Angad rose the popularity with the show title ‘Bidaai’ and he says that the show has changed his life forever. However, he feels that the show has been lucky for everyone and it is also the number one show in Turkey, Albania, and Bulgaria.

Angad’s life has totally changed after the show. The show has made him a successful actor. While other people in the industry work in so many shows and they have to go through to so many shows to make it a mark, but he never faced any such problems like this in his life. After so many years since the show got wrapped up, but the people are still very crazy about the show.

Angad says that he still attends events as a part of Bidaai. Currently, he is in Indonesia and he feels very excited about this. He says that people over there are very crazy about India. All his friends who all have been there told him a lot about the country and finally, he is over there now. Angad says that the fans are very supportive in Indonesia and he is very much sure that he will be learning something new and different from there.

All the Indian actors are given a high salary for their work in Indonesia. When asked that high pays are the motivation for him. He said that it is true that they pay very good money and somewhere every actor wants that their efforts should get the good money and they deserve it. People in Indonesia are very much crazy about the Indian actors, they just love their shows and he feels that the money will also be the generous as well.

However, he played the role of a mentally challenged man in the show and he says that it was very difficult for him to portray that role. He essayed the character of ‘Alekh’ and he was suffering from the disease called ‘Schizophrenic’. Earlier, he was having a problem, but later he really worked hard to build himself as a character. Now, all his efforts are being paid off and he got a lot of fans for that role and he still praise him for his acting in the show ‘Bidaai’.