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Anu Malik responds to #Metoo allegations; asks for justice

On Thurday evening, singer-composer Anu Malik finally opened up #Metoo allegations by some of the well known women singers of the industry. It all started last year, when Singer Sona Mohapatra came forward and spoke about her painful and traumatic experience with Malik. Along with other women singers from the industry including Shweta Pandit; Sona layed allegations of sexual harrasment, against the composer.

Source: Instagram

Taking it to his Twitter account, Malik shared a letter where he accused all those women for false allegations and spoke on how it’s affecting his personal and professional. He wrote, “It has been over a year that I have been accused of something that I haven’t done. I have been silent all this while as I was waiting for the truth to surface on its own. But I realise that my silence on the matter has been misconstrued as my weakness.” 

“Ever since the false and unverified allegations were levelled against me, it has not only ruined my reputation, but affected me and my family’s mental health, left us traumatised, and tarnished my career. I feel helpless, like I am being cornered and suffocated,” he continued.

The composer also raised few questions on why all of this wasn’t spoken earlier; after stating how disgraceful all of this was to him, at the very stage of his life. “Why wasn’t this spoken about before? Why do these allegations resurface only when I am back on television, which is currently my only source of livelihood?”

“Being a father of two daughters, I can’t imagine committing the acts that I am accused of, let alone do it,” Malik claimed.

Stating that he might take this to the court, he said, “Fighting a battle on social media is an endless process, at the end of which nobody wins. If this keeps on continuing, I will have no option but to knock on the doors of the courts to safeguard myself.”

Lately, there have been many opinions regarding Sona’s allegations on Malik. The social media has become a debate room; with some people who believe Sona and while others who support Malik.

In the note, the composer also took a moment to thank all his supporters for standing ny him in such a dark phase of life.

“I don’t know how much more slander and dirt my family and I can take. The show must go on. But behind this happy face, I’m in pain. I’m in a dark space. And justice is all I want,” he concluded.

After all this, today, Sona shared a letter addressed to Malik, on Twitter; answering all the questions the composer has raised.

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