Anupam Kher talks about 25 years of DDLJ

Indian cinema had a watershed moment in the year 1996. One of the most iconic films of all time, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge released in theatres. The film became a mammoth blockbuster and today completes 25 years of its release.

Actor, Anupam Kher who played the role of Shahrukh Khan’s father in the film, left a deep impact on his character.

The character of Kher was cool, and a dad who was more of a friend to his son. This was unique and what made his role strike a chord with the audience.

As the film is 25 years old today, Kher talked about his role in the film and said :

“Even when the film released 25 years back, I met so many youngsters who want their father or parents to be like my character because I played a friend, confidante who supports the son, and doesn’t put pressure. I derived that a lot from my father, who used to say a failure is an event, never a person.”

No one knew that the film would turn out to be such an important one, except Kher. He said that he always knew that the film is going to be different and special.

Surprisingly, to the unknown, it was Anupam Kher’s wife, Kirron Kher, who suggested the title of the film. Further talking about the film, Anupam said that the late, producer of the film, Yash Chopra would always be present on the film’s set.

Finally, he concluded, saying :

“As an assistant, producer, lightboy, like everybody. All the performances were very good. It’s a fact that it’s running for the last 25 years because it has the charm which is evergreen. It was so wonderful to be a part of this cult film. The songs, characterization of everyone is phenomenal. Amrish (Puri) Ji, Farida Jalal Ji, every single line, dialogue. One doesn’t even realize that 25 years have passed, but then that’s what happens when you are in the movies.”

Indeed the film is still iconic, as even today people rewatch it countless times. Many call it the film, which established Shahrukh Khan, the king of romance.