Back With A Bang! ‘Adosi Family Vs Padosi Family’ on YouTube by Amit Bhadana will beam you up with pride

All good things take time, just like Amit Bhadana’s YouTube video. Amit came out with a new video on July 29, 2019, and has clearly proven why he came back after a month. The new video “Adosi Family Vs Padosi Family” is a must-watch video.

There is a reason why the video has crossed 2M views in just a couple of hours and is currently #1 on the trending list.

The video highlights the differences between the treatment of children in our families and neighbor’s families. While they allow their kids to do whatever they like, the scenarios at our home are a little different. We too are granted permission, but only after a lot of struggles, and if our parents are in the mood of ridiculing us, you cannot imagine what plans they could have in mind. The situations are somewhat similar, result, exam preparations and fights with siblings but Amit’s reaction and take on all of it is just unique.

For weeks, he has been posting videos on his Instagram handle and how their team has been working hard. It is absolutely amazing to see how someone who gets so much fame, doesn’t fail to extend his limits and tries to bring something new. The video is 28 minutes long but towards at the end will surely make you cry. The fact that there are some neighbors who are kind and generous, there are others too, who feel that insulting others is their right.

The entire video will make you smile and laugh wholeheartedly but the last 5-7 minutes will first make you cry and then beam you up with pride. The message given at the end is, in particular, our personal favorite and in no time, will become yours too.

Watch the video below or check it out on YouTube.




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