BB Ki Vines: “Chakhne Pe Charcha” on YouTube is all about honest drunk conversations

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Bhuvan Bam’s new video is out on YouTube. The video “Chakhne Pe Charcha” was posted on July 16, 2019, and managed 327k views in just 13 minutes. It is clearly evident that how huge fan following Bhuvan has.

The video doesn’t have all the characters and is different from the others. Bhuvan and his mom and Banchoddas are nowhere to be seen. In the absence of Bhuvan and his mom, Titu, Babloo, and Sameer indulge in conversations. They are seen drinking and few pegs down, they start spilling out their secrets. Sameer is sitting there and enjoying everything.

Initially, they hit a chord or two about some minor secrets, the ones that won’t affect their personal lives to a greater extent, but once they are all set, Babloo mentions some other women and both Titu and Sameer are stunned. Jumping back from the sub-conscious state, Titu inquires but gets no answer.

Watch the video below or check it out on BB Ki Vines on YouTube.


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