BB Ki Vines: Bhuvan Bam’s new video “Light Gayi Hai” on youtube is story of every household

Bhuvan Bam has posted his new video on June 17, 2019. The video has 3.1M views in 13 hours and is #1 on the trending list.

In every video, Bhuvan has tried to bring something unique and fresh for his viewers and he succeeds in his attempts as well. The video is a simple video, covering a very mundane topic and the arguments around it. Although the title does give away the story but the plot is yet to be explored.

Bhuvan and Tittu mama keep making a point that they should have bought the inverter but Bhuvan’s father hasn’t listened to them at all. Now when all of them are irritated by the heat, they keep on yelling and fighting amongst themselves, a scene that can be seen in most of the households during such weather. To their respite, Bhuvan’s father plans to go for the family’s getaway somewhere and they might be able to beat the heat.

However, things don’t turn to be in their favor and Bhuvan is again upset. The whole family is mad at Bhuvan’s father and he thinks all of them to be crazy. Even though the topic is mundane and plain, there isn’t a scene in the video where the humor isn’t incorporated.

Bhuvan Bam knows how to engage his viewers and does it brilliantly. He always manages to engage them right from the start. The sarcasm, the punches, everything is on point, including the reactions from Bhuvan’s mom.

Bhuvan Bam never misses an opportunity to spread the message across masses. Titu Mama’s take on media and their relentless pursuit to gain the maximum TRP, even if it comes at the cost of fooling the public and ignoring the important details that might be of larger interest is like hitting on the nail.

Watch the video below if you haven’t and see if you can relate with Bhuvan.



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