Bigg Boss 13, episode 54, written update, December 16: Hindustani Bhau evicted, Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma visits the house

The recent episode of Bigg Boss begins with Salman Khan greeting the audiences, and showing a glimpse of character’s interaction inside the house. Rashami talks to Arhaan, and is still unconvinced if she can trust Vishal. Madhurima and Vishal try to reconcile their differences. Salman Khan enters the house through the MeTV and initiates the Galatfahmi task. All the contestants wear balloons on their heads, and one by one each is given a chance to burst one misunderstanding of their fellow housemate. Gutthi from Comedy Nights enters the house to entertain the housemates. Gutthi performs a comedy sketch in which she reads the news for the housemates. Then, she does Gidda with the contestants and makes fun of them.

Arhaan and Rashami perform a romantic dance for the housemates. Hina Khan, and Priyank Sharma enter the stage to promote their news song, Raanjhana. The song is sung by Arijit Singh.

Hina and Priyank go inside the house. Hina whispers to Rashami that she should think twice before making her decisions. She’s making a lot of mistakes. Then, they play a game in which the contestants have to choose their toughest competition, friend and a zero in the house. Shehnaz is the biggest threat for the prize according to the majority of the housemates, while Madhurima is the zero.

At the time for elimination ceremony, Salman Khan announces that Madhurima is safe. He reveals that Shehnaz has been evicted from the house. She begins to cry. The door for exit opens. However, Salman tells the audiences that Hindustani Bhau has been evicted and has left the house.


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