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Bigg Boss 13 episode written update, November 13: Vishal, Devoleena, Paras and Mahira to contend for house captaincy

The episode began with the housemates still embroiled in the task. Vishal broke Himanshi’s plate because he felt she doesn’t deserve the post of House Captain. Paras was very frustrated with the task and complained to Siddharth that he was feeling suffocated because of all the bags being pushed into his cave.

Siddharth declared that the opposite team is a cheater. Rashami, Mahira and Devoleena were offended and began to shout at him. Shefali attempted to silence the contestants, but got into a fight with Mahira who told her to stop shouting. Shefali pushed Mahira, which made her cause a ruckus.

Asim tried to influence Vishal, and suggested him to play the game without catering to anyone’s requests or wishes. Vishal understood his vulnerable position. Shehnaz and Shefali talked about Vishal, and mused about his next steps in the game. Shefali was very skeptical of his behavior and believed that he’s trying to play for the both teams, and will reap the goods once the task is over.

Arhaan, Rashami and Devoleena also discussed about the complications arriving in the game and asserted Vishal’s importance in presenting his loyalty and deciding which team is stronger. Siddharth went to talk with Vishal and tried to persuade him to support his team. Vishal called Siddharth the strongest housemate in the game.

Paras and Shefali had a brief argument the next day because he refused to wash the utensils, citing his health problems. Mahira also got involved because she declined Shefali’s orders and questioned her authority. In the next round of the task, Vishal broke Rashami’s plate and asked her to be more active in the tasks and around the house. Siddharth attempted to force Vishal to break Devoleena and Paras’ plate. Vishal smashed his Siddharth’s plate.

Bigg Boss made an announcement that Vishal was a contender for the captaincy. Arhaan was able to get out of his cave, and broke Shefali’s plate, because she appeared biased in her actions. He also broke Shehnaz’s plate. Asim wasn’t able to come out of his cave and experienced a health crisis. He began to coughing strenuously, and all the housemates rushed to help him. Arhaan broke Arti’s plate. Bigg Boss announced that Vishal, Paras, Mahira and Devoleena would be competing for the role of captaincy tomorrow.

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