Bigg Boss 13 episode written update, October 29: Siddhartha Dey evicted, Karishma Tanna enters house for task

The episode began with Gill asking Rashami about her television show, Dil Se Dil Tak, in which she starred with Siddharth Shukla. Gill suggests that Rashami and Siddharth should become friends because the audiences like to see them together. There was a surprise announcement just as the housemates were going to sleep, that there is going to be an eviction from the house.

Siddhartha Dey, Mahira and Asim were the housemates with the lowest votes and were then ordered to go in a room where their fate was going to be decided. They stood before podiums with buzzers on them, and were asked to press them at the count of three. Before them were three blocks of ice which would melt and reveal the results. At the end, Siddhartha Dey was evicted from the house. Rashmi is visibly upset by the news.

The next day, a new task was announced. Karishma Tanna, a finalist for Bigg Boss season 8 entered the house and informed everyone that she is going to play a dictator. Two housemates would play her guards and would try to protect a necklace from a mannequin. Karishma choose Rashami and Siddharth as her guards. In the first round, Gill tried to snatch the necklace but it broke. Siddharth was replaced by Aarti as the guard. The task ended when Siddarth broke the necklace while trying to snatch it.

At the Luxury budget shopping hour, Siddharth and Devo were told that they can take 10 items weighing less than 10 kilograms.

At the jail sending ceremony, the housemates were undecided about whom they should nominate, as Rashami voted for Siddharth, Asim voted for Shefali and Devo, Paras voted for Asim and Siddharth, Arti vote for Paras and Shefali, and Devo said Siddharth and Asim should go to Prison. However, the episode ended with a cliffhanger as to whom the housemates collectively voted.


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