Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz are going to have a fight over breakfast in the upcoming epiosde of Bigg Boss 13. In a clip released by the show, Mahira enters the kitchen area and is baffled to see the lack of food. When she inquires from Shehnaz, Rashami and Arhaan reveal that some people already had paranthas and eggs for breakfast. Mahira goes to deliver this information to Asim, who then confronts Arhaan.

Arhaan refuses to prepare the breakfast because its late, and they could just have lunch. Paras agrees, but then Arhaan declines to follow his advice. Paras gets angry and begins to blame Rashami and Arhaan for depriving others of food.

Outside, Siddharth is also angry at the situation, and instantly begins to accuse Rashami and Arhaan for the misunderstanding.

This isn’t the first time the housemates have quarreled for food. A few weeks ago, there was a huge drama when Vishal and Rashami ate luxury budget food, which causes the Bigg Boss to take the items away.

Shehnaz Gill, the captain of the house, has been unable to make the housemates do their tasks because the majority don’t listen to her. She has failed to convince them to work at time, otherwise this situation could’ve been avoided. The fight over food will continue until there’s a proper division of work between the contestants.

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