Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaz Gill fails in her duties as the captain of the house

Shehnaz Gill’s tenure as the captain of the house will come to an end on tonight’s episode. And it seems that even after getting scolded by Salman Khan, the housemates didn’t learn to follow the captain’s instructions.

In a clip released by the show, Shehnaz unsuccessfully tries to wake the housemates but nobody listens to her. Shehnaz pleads with them to wake up as the cuckoo clocks begin to ring again. Nobody stirs, which further irritates her. The clock continues to ring.

Rashami Desai rises from under her sheet, and tells Shehnaz that everybody is just messing with her because its her last days as the captain of the house.

Shehnaz gets irritated by Rashami’s comments, and tell her to shut up, or she’ll break her teeth. Rashami begins to imitate Shehnaz’s way of speaking. The two get into a playful fight as the clip ends.

It’s clear that Shehanz has largely failed as the captain of the house, even though its because of other housemates’ choice to not listen to her orders. All of them don’t even seem to care about punishment any longer, and aren’t going to perform any tasks even if they’re ordered. It’ll be very difficult for the next captain to set them on the path of work again soon, or the house will return to its state of chaos soon enough.


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