Bigg Boss 13, Weekend Ka Vaar, Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla’s fight gets out of control

Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai’s fight is going to take a violent turn again in tonight’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar in Bigg Boss 13. A clip has been released from the show, which begins with Rashami and Siddharth arguing with each other, when suddenly she throws her tea on his pants. Siddharth gets agitated and flings his cup at her. Arhaan gets angry, and pushes Siddharth. Rashami doesn’t retreat, and begins to fling abuses at Siddharth as he fights with Arhaan, while Vikas tries to tackle them both. Salman Khan watches the fight from the stage, surrounded by the team of the show. The fight between Siddharth, Rashami and Arhaan continues as the housemates attempt to pacify them.

Finally, all the housemates gather in the living room. Salman Khan is very upset with the recent fight he saw, and tells Rashami and Siddharth that their behavior is disgusting.

Rashami gets angry again, and yells that if Siddharth insults her, then she’s going to lash out. She puts herself above the house. Salman Khan is annoyed by her, and calls her mad because she’s putting her past out for everyone to see. Siddharth appears happy that Rashami is getting scolded, but Salman drags him for humiliating her.

At the end of the clip, Salman states that the show has extended its length by a month, but if the contestants continue to behave in such way, then they’ll have to find a new host for it.


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