Bollywood Legend Dilip Kumar’s ancestral house in Peshawar to be purchased and preserved by the Pakistan Government

He is in his home in Mumbai, while his ancestral home is in Pakistan, Peshawar. I am talking about Bollywood legend, Dilip Kumar. The provincial government in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan has good news for him. They are purchasing his ancestral home and will convert it into a museum to keep it intact.

The district administration in Peshawar has issued section IV on the house. This means that no one can purchase or sell it, anymore. Further, the house will go into two phases. First, it will be purchased, for which funds are allocated then, in the second phase, it will be renovated and restored to its original shape.

The Special Assistant of Information to the Chief Minister, of the provincial government, Kamran Bangash gave the information in a video. This whole project comes under the Peshawar Revival Plan.

Concluding his statement, he said :

“It will be open to the general public to highlight the rich history of the historic Peshawar city and contribution of Dilip Kumar in showbiz in the India film industry.”

The government is also buying the ancestral home of another Bollywood legend, the late Raj Kapoor. That too, in order to preserve it. Since a long time ago, the Pakistan government have been trying to purchase the houses, which are under deteriorating condition. Their preservation was due a long time ago only, and this announcement, will be a huge  respite for Dilip Kumar and the Kapoor Family.