THIS is how Boman Irani prepared for his role in ‘Made In China’


Made in China is one of the most awaited films of this year. The film stars powerhouse of talent Rajkumar Rao and the versatile Boman Irani alongside Mouni Roy in pivotal roles. While Rajkumar Rao plays a Gujarati businessman who goes to China to increase his business prospects, Boman Irani’s character Dr Vardhi who is a sexologist has generated quite a buzz among the audience.

It will be interesting to see the actor who moulds into any character with great ease to play the role of a sexologist when sex is still a subject talking about which is considered as a taboo in our country. But what we can be assured of is to get a great performance by Irani.

During a recent interview, Boman Irani revealed that he met the celebrated sexologist Dr Mahinder Watsa to prepare for his role in the film. Earlier there were reports that Irani’s character was the reel counterpart of Dr Watsa. The makers even used a lot of help from the doctor for the research part.

Talking about Dr Watsa, Irani said, “He is a doctor and he wants to be spoken to as such. He is a doctor and he has an approach how to treat his patients like a psychologist treats his patients. And that is how he wants to be portrayed. There is nothing unique about the way this doctor is operating.”

“I found that extremely insightful. The doctor deals with medical issues, it can be partly psychological or it could be partly physiological but a medical issue nonetheless,” he added.

For those who do not know, Mahinder Watsa is an Indian sexologist who is well known for his sex columns in newspapers and magazines and his contributions to promote sex education in India.

Made In China is directed by Mikhil Musale, director of National Award winning Gujarati film Wrong Side Raju and has been produced by by Dinesh Vijan under Maddock Films. The film was initially planned to be released in August 2019 but is now scheduled to be theatrically released in India on 25 October 2019, on the occasion of Diwali.

Watch the trailer of the film here:


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