Cine Talks: 3 Films which inspired Anurag Kashyap towards making Movies

A still from Taxi Driver

Anurag Kashyap is one of the influential filmmakers in India. The director is known for creating tension on-screen with his power-packed stories and the characters which are quite relatable. He is not only a director but a movie buff first. Kashyap has always talked about films and filmmakers who keep on inspiring his work and he has genuinely been involved in presenting independent films by producing them, he has always stood out for good content. Being a part of the film community for more than 25 years now, Kashyap has now become an inspiration to all the aspiring filmmakers.

In many of his interviews, Kashyap has revealed the films which inspired him towards cinema and changed his perspective towards filmmaking and these inspirations led him to create a new wave in the Indian Cinema. So, we bring you a list of three films which inspired Anurag Kashyap towards films.

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Bicycle Thieves

A still from Bicycle Thieves

A film that is considered to be the most passionate work of cinema is the 1948 Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves. The film follows the story of a father and a son who are in a midst of situations like unemployment at the peak, the story begins when the protagonist is offered a new job but unfortunately, his cycle is stolen and the film’s main plot changes to finding the bicycle thieves. An epic film that is known for its great narrative and an on-point method of storytelling. The film is like a university for aspiring filmmakers and it was the film that introduced Kashyap to a new wave of stories.

Taxi Driver

A still from Taxi Driver

Martin Scorcese’s Taxi Driver is one of the finest Hollywood classics with Travis Bickle(Robert De Niro), one of the most iconic characters in the world of cinema who aims to bring changes in the toxic society. Though he himself has his cons, there’s he dreaming about a day which will definitely bring a massive change in the society. Bickle is completely off the world, the odd one out who can no more handle this chaos. As every day passes in his life, the closer he comes to reality. Bickle has a lot of things to say about the fall of humanity or his loneliness of which he writes in his diary, which we are introduced in the film which we know is going to spill all over.


A still from Pyaasa

The 1957 classic ‘Pyaasa’ by Guru Dutt is a well-analyzed story of a struggling poet, Vijay, and his life within a hypocritical society. Though the story highlighted the struggles of youth in post-colonial India, it is more than relatable even today after more than 60 years of its release. The film intensifies even more if you carefully go through each and every song from the film. The story of Pyaasa emphasizes the reality that every human being, however wretched by his conditions, is capable of love and worthy of being loved.” The film makes it a visionary way of storytelling and also the balance kept between matching the commercial as well as artistic interests. 

So that was the list. Share your views and stay tuned to The Indian Wire for more such articles.


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