Dalljiet Kaur after eviction from ‘Bigg Boss 13’: “Have received immense love from fans”

Dalljiet Kaur is currently in news as she was recently evicted from Bigg Boss 13. Her eviction from the show has left many fans shattered but she has maintained that she is quite happy and satisfied with what she has achieved and amount of love she got from fans.

In a recent interview, Dalljiet talked about how life has treated her after her eviction from the show. Talking about her journey in the show, Dalljiet said, “Before going into the show, I didn’t know that I am so physically strong. I was confident that I am mentally strong but I realized my potential after performing the first task. I had made the strategy that we will play mental games and will not physically torture anybody. But when that task came to us, I was literally jumping that I want to do this task because I realized how physically strong I am”.

Talking about what has changed in her personal life after the eviction, Dalljiet said that nothing much have changed as she had anticipated this. She said, “Today is the third day after the eviction and I am overwhelmed by the love I have received from my fans. When at first, Salman sir asked me to leave the show, I got very disappointed. I though to myself that why no one voted for me if I have so many fans, but when I came out I got to know that I was trending since so many days. Then I realized I have my audience’s love, that’s enough for me”.

Talking about regrets that she has after the eviction, Dalljiet said that she couldn’t show her true potential and her emotional and personal side had to be revealed soon but she got evicted. She said, “I am kind of person who is not very loud about things but I make strong relations with people. I had good relations with Siddharth, Devoleena and all the other contestants. It all had to be revealed in this upcoming week”.


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